Gerald was born in Canada and grew up as a fat kid, his first concert was Public Enemy and he still talks about the time he watched Akira on vhs.

His work resonates with his excitement for celebrating authentic characters and the truth in their stories; his ability to combine unconventional genres and visual techniques has established him in the advertising world for over 14 years creating numerous commercials, music videos, game cinematics and short films.

Originally an animator, he mixes and overlaps techniques into both live action and post heavy worlds as a way to let the narrative breathe in his films. He has helmed commercials for clients including AT&T, Apple, Nike, Adidas, Converse, HPE, Google Android, Brooks Running, Coca-Cola, Gillette, Powerade, Coors Light, Pepsi, Obamacare, Macallan, Bethesda Softworks, The House of Marley & more.

Currently he’s directing Fayettenam a documentary showcasing a female Muay Thai Fighter’s journey to a world championship. Shooting is scheduled for Spring in New York and Belarus.